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I have been weaving Contemporay Fine Art Tapestries for over 20 years, raising a family in the lovely Southwest. I want to show process which usually gets a back seat to product and share the trials and tribulations as well as the joy and excitement of the creation of art out of a bunch of strings. How remarkable!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy December!

Year is winding down so I thought I'd post a whole lot of pictures

, of the "Buddy' class with Ida and Jeanne , ida's 1st and Jeannes's second class.

I especially adapted the class for Jeanne to help her fill her toolbox with more tapestry tools that she will use in a design she is working on.

Pictures of my booth at the Weems Artfest. Jeanne and Ida helped me set up and each came a day to help me . I actually had lunch outside of my booth! and My apprentice , Billye came on the last day so help everyday, Thanks so much to all of you.The first day was very exciting as I won a "BEST IN SHOW" ribbon and prize money for my newest "Fractured Square " piece. Then I sold a big piece from my Universal Language series ( left side of booth, top right) and a medium sized piece ( right side of booth, top left).
Really made my show!!

And then the Friday after Weems ( I did take Monday off , went to Taos on Tuesday, and cleaned the studio wednesday and Thursday) a new student, Barb, came to take a 4 day class. A very talented student , who caught on quickly, with just a little weaving experience.

Now it's back to weaving, preparing to move my household yet again in the New Year, and working on revamping my website and Blog. So much to do , so little time soooo Back to the Loom!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


What a busy month! Almost missed a blog posting in October when I should have had 2! yikes! and oh well, c'est la vie! And what a vie, feasting now on the great quantity of winter squash that 3 little vines turned out. And all the teaching this month. My Taos Wool Festival class was full and successful. Judy(below Teri) Margy and and Teri (above)rented looms from the Festival
and were able to finish their pieces.

I recommend the rental method , especially if the student has a floor loom with a beater bar they want to use at home to do their tapestries. I teach this method exclusively, a line by line technique instead of the build up method. I teach students to embrace the grid rather than fight it, at least initially, and I teach a design method of getting the most impact for the least outlay of technique, time and material.

The other 2 students brought their collapsable ( so cool) rigid heddle looms, because that was what they will be using at home initially. Yes, you can weave tapestry on a rigid heddle, not so easily and the tensioning is not as tight as I like but it works. The festival treated me well, putting me up right where the classes were, feeding me breakfast and letting me use their microwave for my cheap dinners in my room zoning out watching HBO. A fun working vacation that I'll try and do again.I encourage all you students out there to come to Taos next year for a great experience.
Then home again to a month of frantic weaving to get ready for my biggest show of the year the WEEMS ARTFEST, this year November 12-14, a beautiful show chock ful of high quality art for those of you who might be here then, at the State Fairgrounds in Albuquerque.
Here is a pic ,of a new "Fractured Square" piece , which will be 72"x 40" and hopefully finished tomorrow, what a way to start a month! . I'm feeling the pressure of needing to remain chained to the loom as so many of the new "Fractured Squares" have sold.
But first I must conclude the class that has been here at the studio, every weekend of this month. Again , students, this is based on my other classes, minus the full day of warping as work ( still line by line) and is done on my 6' Shannock upright . 2 students can work at the same time, which is happening right now behind me, so buddy classes are very popular and remember B&B's and hotels are moderately priced and ABQ is close to good skiing and sight seeing, might as well throw a tapestry class in, as I am available with a flexible schedule, week days as well as week ends, moderately priced, and can tailor to individual levels, beginning to advanced.

Next month I 'll try and keep up and post pics of this class as well as the Weems show.
But now it's, scarily enough, Back to the Loom!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Autumn!

Yes, Fall is here ( at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and
it's my favorite season,
cool temps and no WIND! I took advantage of the 90 degree weather on the last day of summer and took the afternoon off. What a great recharging idea, I'm going to keep it up, one afternoon a week just lying about.
While I was relaxing I started wondering what happened to the Mantis that lived in our yard? I think I've become a nature whisperer as this happened with a hawk earlier , Lo and behold , I spy this enormous preying or is it praying? mantis. I snapped the shot and went back to lounging when sure enough along came a hummer!
Oh they had a good 10 minute duel and I really think the mantis had high hopes, but eventually she went on her way and the hummer had a drink and I had a nap.

I have been extremely busy with a student in the studio these last 2 weekends along with dropping pieces to shows , meetings and trying to get weaving done.
Here is Jeanne working away,
and her finished piece!

I am going to The Taos Wool Festival in early October to teach a 5 day workshop and this was great practice.
The idea is to do a sampler that is also a viable tapestry on its own, learning the basics,selvedge to selvedge, I teach dovetail joins because of their strength, (joins are around a warp, not suspended between)
stair steps, 2 different angle slopes and combining the last 2 , a curve.
I teach primarily for students who have floor looms and want to use their beater bars, so it is all line by line, even though my teaching loom is a Shannock upright and we use a beating fork.Here is a picture of tying a
warp onto the dummy warp so I never have to rethread the reed or the shafts! Especially good when you are really busy.
I've got two showsin Santa Fe coming up , one in the Rail Yard District for Santa Fe Design Week that is sponsored by the NM chapter of National Museum of Women in the Arts.
If you have a chapter nearby they are a great group to join.The one here does a lot of lectures and workshops and shows where you have the opportunity to put Tapestry Art on an equal footing with more traditional art forms, and its great for networking.

The other show is an Alumni Art Exhibit at St John's College, also my 30th reunion. Oh boy! I'll have my newest fractured squaresat the railyard and 2 of my math pieces at St John's.No wonder i love Math and Philosophy so much. ( We read and had to understand,ancient Greek and original Papers by Einstein, a varied education for which I am very grateful)

This top photo to left is my newest fall inspired "Fractured Square" and it will be part of a Solo Show I have been invited to do next year at UNM Hospitals prestigious Gallery and I will also be donating a large
( really LARGE and I'm planning on getting larger and larger with my work in general) Fractured Square Tapestry to their permanent collection which is a phenomenal collection!
This little one was done after winding the new warp on as a tester. Yes, the warp went on well, i probably could have started the big piece but better safe than sorry.

Now back to Fall, a time to harvest, a little bittersweet, like the japanese idea of Wabi Sabi, Ephemeral and beautiful , partly because of its fleeting ways.As you sow so shall you reap(spiritually as well as physically so apologizing for those squashed toes and stolen ideas and hurt feelings is in order), the garden harvest was pretty good,Still more beets and zucchini and those winter squashes look tasty. I have lots pesto cubes ready for quick winter dinners so I can weave away, Which I must do now, Back to the loom!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy August! ( Yikes its almost over!)

Yes, that was a fast month, before I knew it was here ,... it was over, or almost.
I survived the influx of Convergence with it's share of stepped on toes ( ouch!) and noses poked where they didn't belong, but it had its share of bright spots. One such bright spot was a visit by a Tapestry Artist from Providence RI, Jan Austin.Here is her link, austintapestry.blogspot.com/ (The color has changed and I don't know why? Bloggers?)and Thanks Jan for your link to me in your last post.
The proverbial photo of photo taking referencing infinities ( see jan's last post for a Pic of me taking this) and one of Jan posed in front of the sister piece to the Weaving Southwest photo from the recent article in USA Today http://travel.usatoday.com/destinations/summerroadtrip/index.( I was a little nervous about these images of my pieces as I have had recent copyright troubles)
But the visit with Jan was great and she is a joy.

Then Mercury went retrograde and everthing possible broke from the fuse box which my air compressor uses, to no internet, no e- mail, to a broken board on the deck. I'm still trying to fix the light in the utility room. And then an influx of visitors, including my best apprentice, my granddaughter, who mastered dovetail joins quicker than I've ever seen. A quick trip to CA and back delivering college student and stuff and I'm back to the loom. In between I finished a warp , put a new one on ( 9 1/2 yards every 3 months) and reshuffled my show in Madrid NM(Left) to be able to put a new " Fractured Square" ( Reds Blacks & Golds) in a beautiful nook in the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History's Gallery Store, (RIGHT).
At the end and the beginning of a warp I do little pieces anywhere from 2-6 pieces at the same time. I ended with the 4 little "Feng Shuis" ( 10"x 10") $110 ea in brighter colors this time ,
and began the new warp with 3 little panorama pieces of "Fractured Squares" 7"x13". I hope to finish them today! YAY!
And another bright spot was my little Trader Joes $8 orchid that bloomed again and is still blooming!
Recently there have been so many disparaging comments on "Contemporary Tapestry" and Southwest Tapestry" As someone who creates works of Art in this genre using Tapestry as my mediumI feel compelled to respond somewhat to all this. Firstly, ERUDITE is a good word, not a put down (having or showing great knowledge or learning.) I definitely am drawn to bold graphic images and that is what I create . I never expect everyone to have this same aesthetic, it is my path and that is all. All truly authentic paths have equal value, however sometimes the distilled and simplified is harder to grasp and understand and often quite difficult to pull off.
I could go on and on but I'll end with a picture of my glass collection window. I found most all of them from the thrift store or from artist friends and I was inspired by a short story by AS Byatt.I love her writing and I love Glass!!
And now back to the Loom!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time for a bit of a Rest and Catching Up

Yes, the big push to get new work done for my Solo show"CONNECTIONS and INTERSECTIONS" in Madrid NM ( at the Tapestry Gallery through August) is over and now since I'm not frantically working 11 hours at the loom I can catch up on badly needed cleaning and R&R.

Doing a solo show with a deadline is a great way to fulfill the New Years resolution of restocking my inventory with New Work. You can"t enter exhibits if you have no available work.
The reception was fun and lucrative , having sold the piece to the right of the doorway.The show will constantly change as pieces find their homes so I hope to do at least one more new "Fractured Square " piece before end of August.

Plenty of friends and clients and Convergence and CW goers. It was a record breaker for the heat ( 101) so thanks to all the brave people who literally weathered the heat.

My R&R will be short lived in order to come up with more new work and fill orders from the last 2 shows( both of which are still up for viewing thru end of July, 10th floor City / County building Commissioner Stebbins Offices, directly west from Convention Center and at the Creative Albuquerque Art Space , Corner 1st and Gold.

Rest and recreation for me means working in the garden, which needs so much weeding!, and lying pool side after a swim near the lily pond and fountain.

And look how my gardens grows with volunteer sunflowers and setting tomatoes and ripening chiles and oregano and lots of basil for pesto!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Yes, the Show "CONNECTIONS and INTERSECTIONS " Starts tomorrow with a reception from 1-4;30 at the TAPESTRY GALLERY in Madrid NM. So I am frantically getting ready after suffering some illness I seem to have caught after sitting the ATA table at SOFA in Santa Fe last Thursday. All that shaking hands stuff, not enough hand washing. So I missed helping out again on Sunday as I hacked out a lung and threw out my back. Felt a little better and worked 11 hour days just weaving to get the last 2 pieces done.10 days start to finish! Here is a peak as I start to finish them and also a picture of the damascus edging which is a simple half hitch right to left , right warp over left anchor;all the way across at which point all the warp points up toward the weaving . Then it's back again left to right, left warp over right anchor, all the way across and they all point back down. This creates it's own fabric which then
allows me to hang the pieces from the braided and looped warp without affecting the Tapestry.
And finally look at this orchid about to bloom, I'll post it when it does, can't wait.
Now for a swim as I'm all ready and hope to see some of you there.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy End of June

Happy End of June!
Time really is a jet plane! Whew.
A lot got done and a lot of fun was had. I'll give you a peek at the new large "Fractured Square " series piece and I hope for a cut off party soon. Only 13" left!!!!
It was my birthday month; I have recently graduat
ed from
birthday week to month for this and the next decade beyond which I will celebrate birthday years. Had my annual all girls birthday pool party and fun and sun all round with plenty of good eats and drinks. And the presents!!!.

My friend and apprentice Ruth presented me with the lovely large orchid in the picture. Two of my older orchids have decided to gift me with new blossoms as well.

My good friend Susan found this "Weave it" to cap off my collection, everything complete and pristine condition. I guess I collect looms, all sizes and shapes and these are so adorable.My husband and daughter got a DVD of the recent" Independent Lens "program called BETWEEN THE FOLDS, a fascinating documentary about Origami, Mathematics and Science. It's a WOW and I highly recommend it. I watched it twice from Netflix and exclaimed , "I must own this!" and I guess they heard me. Thanks to everyone for all their thoughtful gifts

Then I took myself to my local thrift store, I am a frequent shopper there and get office supplies as well as fun stuff so they feel like business excursions, and got a new mask for That collection. Yes I am a collector. This new mask came undressed I added the hat and neck piece when it joined it's fellow masks on the various sides of my loom. One is my alter ego as it keeps my name tag for me and the other holds my glasses and they all make me smile.

I am busy getting ready for my newest opening on Friday July 2cd , preparing inventory and paperwork, buying refreshments etc after having spent a while with my web master putting a calendar on the site so now you can check there for all my upcoming shows, receptions and workshops.
I'm also trying to finish this piece sooooo back to the loom I go

Monday, June 14, 2010


Yikes! It's June and I've been very busy getting my inventory up because of my solo show coming up in July , right before Convergence ( At the Tapestry gallery in Madrid New Mexico , reception July 17th 1-4;30). The Summer is coming on beautifully with lilies in the garden and lots of evening swims.

Sneak peaks only now and to see the full pieces you will have to visit one of my 3 Solo Shows available for viewing ( one mentioned above, one at my County Commissioners offices/ Gallery Space on the 10th floor of the City/ County Building directly across from the Convention Center , available for viewing through August, Mon-fri 8-5 along with a fantastic public art collection lining the hallways of which 2 are mine through prior Public Art Competition wins; and one mentioned below, (July will be busy!))during
Convergence , the Handweavers Guild of America's Convention ,being held here in Albuquerque.

I have enjoyed seeing other weavers postings about where to put their warping boards, in and out of use so this is my solution. I tie the board with strong twine to the back of my rolling cart, the kind you can get cheaply from Costco and it makes a cart and a shelf or one tall shelf depending. When I need to warp I roll up a chair with adjustable heights. When I'm not warping,the warping board is a perfect storage spot for finished tapestries awaiting their owners or trips to Galleries and Shows.

My board is now full , since this picture was taken , with pieces for my newest show opportunity.
I was invited by the group that I did the Valentine Benefit ( see previous postings) to put up a Solo Show in their new Offices/ Gallery Art Space. The have changed their name from the Albuquerque Arts Alliance to Creative Albuquerque and have wonderful new energy to go with it. This Show will be on display from July 1st- August 1st at their new downtown Offices , located at 102 Gold Ave SW, quite close to the Convention Center.

And a quick note about inclusiveness and tolerance which has been on my mind due to some comments I've recently heard. There always will be many variations of seemingly the same things, be it people , styles of tapestry, art, etc, or whatever. To make pronouncements about which "have problems" and which are legitimate does no one any good. We all strive to add tools to our tool boxes and we all choose what interests us. For me it is the challenge of design and execution using the least to get the most, "What is the highest impact I can get while simultaneously reducing complexity?" And while I admire the traditional tapestry artist if I had to do that style I wouldn't be doing weaving at all . There is room in this world for all and a broad and wide mind and heart is so much more beautiful than a narrow and shallow one.

This is my Birthday Week and I am planning to have some fun as well as get work done , sooooo
Back to the Loom I GO!

Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"

Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"
I sold this piece on line immediately upon launching my website!