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I have been weaving Contemporay Fine Art Tapestries for over 20 years, raising a family in the lovely Southwest. I want to show process which usually gets a back seat to product and share the trials and tribulations as well as the joy and excitement of the creation of art out of a bunch of strings. How remarkable!

Friday, January 22, 2010


The valentines are finished and up at the gallery. The reception will be on the closing date , January 29th which is also the silent auction which is always exciting with people trying to out bid each other.
Here are a few pictures of them in various stages of being done , and some of the finished product before cut off and after. I always think of them as being related to each other, as little families as they were created together on my full width warp. They turned out to be 13" long by 8 ' width. ( I use the golden mean rectangle for my formats sizes)
I will post some pictures from the closing reception when it happens.
And after much Holiday distraction I've begun another large piece and will include pictures of it's progress in the next post as well . Adios for now and back to the loom I go.

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Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"

Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"
I sold this piece on line immediately upon launching my website!