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I have been weaving Contemporay Fine Art Tapestries for over 20 years, raising a family in the lovely Southwest. I want to show process which usually gets a back seat to product and share the trials and tribulations as well as the joy and excitement of the creation of art out of a bunch of strings. How remarkable!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dog Days of Summer ( I mean really!)

Dog Days of Summer ( I mean really!) 
What does the dog days mean? I immediately think of way too hot and way too tired! And I "ve come to the conclusion that 2 solo exhibits and one Art Fair weekend may be my limit. I am too tired and too hot!
We are over 4" behind in rainfall here and we are in the high desert so that is a lot to be this far behind. So it's me out there in the garden watering morning and night. The lettuce only just bolted and there are still peas on the vines, feels a bit miraculous. The tomatoes are ripening and the squashes are coming on a bit too strong so it's time for the annual garden gifting to begin. I managed to save some carrots from my grand daughter who just left from  a surprise week long visit, ( I thought she was coming the next week). She delighted in the surprise of  not knowing how big they might be, some were small but they did need some thinning. She also finished her shawl that she wove start to finish on a Easy Weaver that I found at the Thrift Store for 10 bucks, 
( it came with 10 stick shuttles so a true bargain!) Here's a pic of her wearing it.(right)
She even learned the finishing technique quickly  and finished it herself. She was very proud and I am too as you can tell.

 Here are some pics of my show at the Jonathan Abrams Gallery at the UNM Hospital.And you can see a pic of the reception in the news article below them.As you can see it is an interesting venue , being in essence a long hallway. You rarely get to see your own work this way  and I was happy for the opportunity.
 Exploring a new venue means reaching a whole new group of people and in this instance it means potential clients who usually are too busy for artfairs and galleries.I've already had contact with a few Doctors and Nurses, some who are interested in particular pieces and some who just wish to express their appreciation for the beauty my work has brought to their workplace. This venue is especially gratifying in that patients are constantly going through the space everyday and I,ve received several thank you's from them for having raised their spirits.
Here are some links to some press the show received as well as an article from their in house press.

  Remember that the Taos Wool Festival is coming up so If you know someone or are someone who wants to explore an easy to learn style of tapestry, ( that can be done on a Baby Wolf type Loom for heavens sake)
using a floor loom and exploring a less is more style of design please recommend my workshop at the end of September. It's a great deal for a 5 day class, it's always lots of fun and Taos is breathtaking at this time of year!Follow this link to learn all about it and register online, it's easy!
And also do check out the TAFA group, a great international group of fiber artists, of which I am a member. A great group to support and easy to join.Here is their link
and check my previous 2 blogs where I'm offering great deal to help them out a bit.

Here is a new piece from my UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE SERIES "Simple Oscillating Structure- Lattice 1"Hopefully for a solo show next March with a whole new show of Math pieces. I am already booked for 2012 and have a possible solo exhibition with teaching gig possible, out of state for 2013. We'll see if i can shrug off this exhaustion.But since all my galleries are clamoring for new work , I'm going to try and finish this piece today soooooo it's Back to the Loom!!!


  1. Love the latest, almost finished tapestry. Your grand-daughter's shawl looks very soft and pretty, she must be so proud! I found a bag of yarn (Harrisville?) with some stick shuttles all for $3 at a thrift shop on Cape Cod last month, what a deal!

  2. Donna, Congrats on the hospital show! I'll have to see if I can stop by when I'm in Albuquerque. I love your idea for the tapestry class you're teaching in Taos. I almost always weave this way, but I haven't found that many tapestry weavers who do. I hope it is a great class.

  3. Thanks Jan,
    This new tapestry almost had me stumped, colorwise but I think I made it work. Boy was my granddaughter proud, something about making your first piece of clothing, she was strutting around in her shawl.
    Oh I love a good thrift store deal!!!

  4. Thanks for the congrats Rebecca
    It was a great show to do as the hire an installer and the hospital helps with the reception food.
    it's a bit hard to find but it's not the central elevator bank with facing elevators but the two side by side up the ramp with portraits on the wall, past the snack area to the right.
    I'd sure appreciate your sending any interested parties my way to the TWF for the workshop
    thanks again


Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"

Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"
I sold this piece on line immediately upon launching my website!