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I have been weaving Contemporay Fine Art Tapestries for over 20 years, raising a family in the lovely Southwest. I want to show process which usually gets a back seat to product and share the trials and tribulations as well as the joy and excitement of the creation of art out of a bunch of strings. How remarkable!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon!!!!!!!

Yes! The year of the Dragon! One of my favorites. I do a whole series of tapestries based on Feng Shui 

( let me know if you want to special order one, all sizes welcome for commission),          

                        and the dragon is one of  the most used "cures". Here are a few of mine.

Accomplishments for 2011 were many, 3 pieces accepted for a public Art competition, 2 solo shows, 2first prize awards, over a dozen new tapestries created and over 20 sold.
Of course there were many setbacks and problems, a studio flood, a home burglary, a husband falling off a roof ( he survived with only 3 broken ribs, lucky) 
and my poor website person was diagnosed with leukemia which has delayed our plans for revamping my website, which we are finally back to. The domain is now registered to me and we are switching to a Wordpress site so I can add and edit at will.
But since I haven't posted to the blog since november I better get back to it if i want to keep up  to date.
I'll announce it when it's all ready
                                                                                       Back to the new year,I prefer this Lunar New Year to the Solar one , which is just too close to all that Christmas etc stuff and the end of the year. Speaking of christmas here are some pics of our tree this year,we bought a tree cutting permit at the Jemez Cultural Center ,drove up through the beautiful snowiness, then hiked in to pick and cut the tree.   

 Since the middle of December  I have completed 3 large tapestries, 2 medium sized ones and 4 10"square "smalls" here are the smalls and mediums in progress . I think I was too busy weaving away to document the large ones

 These are from a new show i am putting together  called "NEW MATH" where i am revisiting m "Universal Language Series, doing some previous designs in different colors as well as exploring some early female geometers and new fractal patterns. Sick at home today, so instead of my usual, "Back to the Loom" It's, back to finishing the little straightline spirals (left0, take a nap, work on website, take a nap, post on TAFA http://www.tafalist.com/, take a nap.

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Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"

Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"
I sold this piece on line immediately upon launching my website!