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Monday, June 11, 2012

How to be Busy without really trying!

   Oh, yes everything just got busier and busier. It's been too long since my last post . The garden is all planted and replanted. The Solo Show is up and plans are in the works for the next one.
an in progress piece for NEW MATH PLUS
This is how the main wall at the "NEW MATH PLUS" solo show started
This is what it ended looking like after selling the rust piece on the right and shipping the blue piece off
   The solo show has been so good that we've had to change it up with new pieces as others sell. That kept me busy. And this was the first time I used social media to promote a show and invite people to the opening. the response was very good , with people attending because of the posts and a Local Magazine, "ALBUQUERQUE the MAGAZINE" wrote a very nice article about it because , partially, I friended the magazine and the editor. So I guess it works, but it's also fun to get feedback , especially on in progress pieces.
  How many things can we do at the same time, or even at different times? I've been juggling for  a while now and will be soon again, but , because this is my birthday month and I'm going to celebrate the whole month, I am slowing down this month of June . ( I say that now but I have solo show planned for November, hope I can wait to crank up the pace until July 1st, ( yeah right sure)!
I'll catch up on paperwork, clean this dust bunny filled studio, and lounge poolside a bit. The water lily above is in my pond which I get to enjoy poolside
  Especially since I just shipped off 3 pieces to Towson University in Maryland. They were accepted into a joint show on Math& Art, put on by the ART  Department of the university: Here is all their info if you are in the neighborhood-

Connections Between Art and Mathematics Juried Exhibition
In conjunction with the Bridges Conference, the largest mathematics
and art interdisciplinary conference in the world, held in 2012 at Towson
University, this large exhibition will be installed in the Center for the Fine
Arts Gallery. Juried by Gallery Director, Professor Christopher Bartlett and
a panel of Bridges organizers, it represents over ninety participants from
over thirty countries with art that incorporates mathematical themes
and concepts. With 130 works many media are represented including oil,
watercolor, digital prints, metal, wood and 3-D printed sculpture.
                                                                                                                   LOCATION Center for the Arts, Center for the Arts      Gallery
ON VIEW Saturday, June 30 – Sunday, July 29, 2012
OPENING RECEPTION Friday, June 29, 2012, 7:30 – 9:00 pm
GALLERY HOURS Tuesday—Saturday, 11 am to 4 pm
Information: 410-704-2808 · www.towson.edu/artscalendar
Admission is free and open to the public.
Gallery Director: Prof. Chris Bartlett
Department of Art + Design, Art History, Art Education presents
Bridges: Connections Between Art
and Mathematics Juried Exhibition 
( a month long exhibit , that "BLUE KOCH SNOWFLAKE FRACTAL, in the middle above) was accepted into) and the BRIDGES organization who hold a conference every year on the interdisciplines of art music math and architecture. Here is a link to them, http://bridgesmathart.org/bridges-2012/
So except for checking to make sure they get there , I wait for them to return. I wish I could build some kind of technology into them so I could eavesdrop on their adventures. I am also looking forward to any connections I can make with the participants in the show as well as the attendees. I hope to attend one of these one day but weaving and teaching schedules so often get in the way.
 So I think I must do one paper work chore and one cleaning chore before i go off to swim.
 And then tomorrow I will tie on the warp again and be BACK TO THE LOOM!

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Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"

Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"
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