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I have been weaving Contemporay Fine Art Tapestries for over 20 years, raising a family in the lovely Southwest. I want to show process which usually gets a back seat to product and share the trials and tribulations as well as the joy and excitement of the creation of art out of a bunch of strings. How remarkable!

Monday, May 10, 2010

IT'S ALL GOOD or WHY I'M MAhttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/_aaQuBwuqFQc/S-hM4KckCJI/AAAAAAAAAI4/0FcQeiJUj_U/s320/new+red+skinnies.jKING FRIENDS WITH THE WIND

IT'S ALL GOOD, that's the lesson I'm learning as I try to make friends with the wind here in Albuquerque which is gusting as I write to 35mph. As long as it's going to blow I might as well get something out of it. I watched the too heavily laden fruit trees get hit last week by the 65 mph gusts last week and now the remaining fruit is bigger and happier looking. ( Can fruit look happy? or is it merely my anticipation of their deliciousness, apricots, plums and pluots, my faves) So pruning is the lesson and balance, and beauty and truth.
After reading what I may have mistakenly taken as a disparaging diatribe against my favorite subject and inspiration and tool in much of my tapestry work, Mathematics, which sent me into a bit of despair since much of what I do with math as my subject is to undo the ingrained math phobia I see all around, Lo and behold Amazon delivered my newest Math treasure, a book by Malcom Stewart called the STARCUT DIAGRAM, filled with luscious pictures and interesting insights and new inspirations. He brings the mystery and magic to the forefront and invites all to have fun with it, something I hope my tapestries in the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE SERIES does as well (see my website and go to galleries button) and I know I have fun with it. So pruning out my despair and adding new magic and inspiration and information tome and my readers, ...check this book out, it's FUN.
More pruning was necessary when a tapestry study group I was in decided to study what is decidedly non tapestry techniques. This is a hot button issue with me as I have labored long and hard to educate my clients and the general public on just what tapestry is and what it is not. These were tapestry people!Since we meet so infrequently ( only once every 2 months) a e mail discussion was begun and met with strange results, facetiousness, lack of participation, attempts to shut the discussion down, all very strange to someone who is used to doing almost all my professional communications by e mail, press releases, entries,other group discussions etc. Why so calcitrant? But then the wind spoke of pruning and all was understood. Those windstorms are not always pleasant but they are useful. Wouldn't a group of truly support people with the same goals and who liked to have fun be more fun? After the wind knocks things over you build again.
A quote from one of my all time favorite authors is apropos here "Always do right. This will
gratify some people and astonish the rest" - Mark Twain And another , "Be who you are and say what you feel 'cause people who mind don't matter, and people who matter don't mind" _Dr Seuss

Now to the work , here are the "SKINNIES " completed, they are 43"x 9.5" and have been delivered to the Tapestry Gallery in Madrid and are available for $650 each. The red have already been special ordered for a 9 foot long version, some proportion work to come !
Speaking of fun , Here is a picture of two of my "Play

" pieces from the "FRACTURED SQUARE " series both in progress though the smaller panoramic turquoise piece is finished but not yet steamed or photographed.
I'll post finished pictures later.

The wind today is keeping me from swimming which is my summer ritual but
I'll get more work done on this fractured squares piece which is all about movement and balance, SO it's all good.
I'm leaving this week to pick up my daughter from college for her summer here, so no work for a few days, but a vacation, my only one til October (when I will be teaching a 5 day workshop, Beginning / intermediate Tapestry at the TAOS WOOL FESTIVAL. Go to their site to register if you are interested.) and my lovely daughter will be home , SO it's all good and so is going back to the LOOM!

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Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"
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