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I have been weaving Contemporay Fine Art Tapestries for over 20 years, raising a family in the lovely Southwest. I want to show process which usually gets a back seat to product and share the trials and tribulations as well as the joy and excitement of the creation of art out of a bunch of strings. How remarkable!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Yes, Spring is here, or almost. Spring is an elusive thing in the high desert South West. But these daffodils from my south facing bed do portend it is almost here! And no wind today!
Recent beginnings, like spring and my article in the Taos magazine about my work and upcoming Solo Show, and endings, the passing of a tapestry artist who had a great influence on my early career in tapestry and my recent flood and burglary, ( most of the adrenaline has left my system), reminds us to be grateful. The family is all well, the shower was nice and hot,the cat gave me a shoulder massage last night ...AND these pieces are almost finished.I was worried about making them work , and I was definitely needing SPRING!  They remind me a bit of the old Rainbow Sherbet I used to get as a child. Still juggling finishing one house with intent to move (?) and getting other house ready to rent, along with daily chores and weaving and taxes and the business end of things. Easy to feel overwhelmed but the practice of tapestry teaches "Baby steps" ,"slow and steady wins the race" and my favorite from my Dad,who in  a way started all this,

 ( see the taos magazine March 2011 issue soon to be on my website)  , "It's a cinch by the inch, it's only hard by the yard!" 
 I am firming up 2 workshops for beginning/intermediate Tapestry Techniques _"Using Your Floor Loom's Beater Bar
for Line by Line Weaving"  One  at Village Wools in Albuquerque   May 14 , 15,21,22,28&29  and the other right before the Taos Wool Festival  September 24th-28th.
Some essential books for tapestry to recommend this time as well as a few local writers books steeped in New mexico flavor especially for any of you going to Taos New Mexico, either in April for ATA activities or in May to see my Show.
And now BACK TO THE LOOM! if I want to finish these , and I do.

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Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"

Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"
I sold this piece on line immediately upon launching my website!