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Sunday, February 20, 2011

February is Almost Over and Tax Time Looms Closer

Yes, it's  a short month with just a week plus one day left. I wanted to thank everyone who contacted me with their warm wishes after my Studio Flood and Burglary. I do want to remind everyone that I would appreciate your posting to the comments part of this blog as well, thanks in advance. And feel free to ask questions or suggest things you would like me to concentrate on in these posts.

  I think things are looking up and a good sign of it this beautiful flowering Cyclamen that i bought last year and several times it threatened to die but it is back and thriving. My beckoning cat may have helped as it welcomes clients, students and apprentices at the door. 

Accompanying them is my Shrine for my 1960's era Kokeshi Doll from Japan. The shrine was made by my good friend, the well known sculptor and basket maker,  John Garrett who lives here in Albuquerque. She looks so happy ensconced in it.

 It occurred to me that my Glass Collections was in a post way far back so here is a picture of two different pieces,they are placed here to distract from the air conditioner and it's also where the studs were. 
I also forgot to post a picture of my Warping Board and the warping procedure. I have stationed it underneath my Ribbon and Awards Board which is a great shot in the arm when you are slogging through the warping which , although it has a wonderful rythm can be somewhat daunting and the feeling of potentiality can be a bit depressing . This way I can remember my past accomplishments which helps me imagine a bright future

 I have now become an official collector of Mirrix Looms. I cannot say enough good things about them and so I have recommended them at the link on the left. Just push BUY and they are yours!! I started with a 12" which is so portable and easy to make a shed , WOW such a graduation  from my little navaho- esque  deal that I had to needle weave on .
And now I have just purchased a 32" Mirrix.Here it is sitting on my 6 foot Shannock that I still have to rewarp. (Students! Call me to schedule your class to light a fire under me to get this Warped!) It is perfect for a new study group I have formed that involves Shaped Tapestry Studies and a Group Collaborative Project.  Any one in the area who is interested and contact me and join , the more the merrier.  A pleasant group where no snide comments are allowed, mutual respect for all levels of experience and a desire to learn. We meet one Sunday afternoon a month and drink tea and weave, great fun!
And this Mirrix is wide enough for the Shaped Tapestry , AND a small demonstration type strip on the side .Perfect, Beautiful and highly recommended!!
 I actually finished these pieces right after the photo, well the same day anyway as I had only 5" to go. I am so enamored of this size, ( 20" square)  and the fact that they took 6 days to weave that I am doing 2 more, and maybe 2 more after that. 
The weather here in New Mexico is once again grey skies and wind, LOTS OF WIND!, and i think my color influences and choices right now are in the other extreme. They are definitely Brighter than usual and with that comes the , " Gee I hope I can pull this off" feeling which actually makes the whole thing a lot more fun.
  Be sure to check out my new RECOMMENDED READING  as they have a definite " Get Down To Business" Theme , what with Tax Time rapidly approaching. There is a great Legal Guide for Artists, and a wonderful book by ArtBiz Coach Alyson B Stanfield and a few fabulous others.

  On that note, with the majority of my taxes done, ITS BACK TO THE LOOM!

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Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"

Feng Shui Series- "Blue Water Lotus of the North"
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